buildworld actually crashed

Robert Downes nullentropy at
Fri May 28 10:01:12 PDT 2004

During buildworld, I wandered off. When I returned, my machine was, 
alarmingly, in single user mode, demanding that I run fsck manually.

I'm running fsck right now, and it's finding all sorts of block size 
errors, to which I'm simply hitting 'y' and agreeing that things should 
be salvaged and corrected.

Before running fsck, I had a look at the buildworld.out script that was 
being written to during the buildworld process. I can't tell you exactly 
what it says, but it definitely came to a stop in the middle of a 
'sentence' of output. I.e. it looks like my new machine (yeah, the 
soon-to-be-fanless EPIA again) must have crashed during buildworld.

What could cause buildworld to crash like that? I'm now worried that my 
PSU board *was* damaged the other day. Is a damaged PSU the most likely 
cause of this incident?

All advice very welcome.
London, UK
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