Cross building ports

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Thu May 13 10:34:33 PDT 2004

After installing the port on your build box go ahead and run the
make package on the /usr/port/portname directory. The resulting
package will be in that directory. Copy it to your other i386 box
and pkg_add pgkname and it will work. I have even done it with newer
FBSD operation system version on build box and the created pkg ran
fine on production box with older FBSD version. But never did it
between major versions 5.x build box to 4.x production box. I would
say since the buildworld works for your amd64 world the packages
should be ok also. Give it an try to verify.  I normally only use
pkg_add -r from the FBSD site. Only do port install when I need
non-standard config of package.

Good luck

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Hi all,

Don't know if what I want to do is possible - but there's no harm in

I have a central build server running FreeBSD-5.2.1 amd64, which is
building world/kernel for amd64 and i386.  In order to keep
everything all
on the same machine, I would like to be able to build packages from
for both platforms.  Is this doable?

I have checked the mailing list archives, and nothing that seems
came back.  Can't seem to figure it out from the docs, man pages,
etc.  Any advice welcome, even if it's no more than "get another

Thanks for your time,

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