CUPS: ipp connection to printer times out !?!

Rob stopspam at
Wed May 12 10:29:17 PDT 2004


I'm running Stable, updated sources and my port software last weekend.

Today I couldn' print, with CUPS using ipp for an HP internet printer;
HP LaserJet 2300.

In the CUPS error_log file, I have

  E [13/May/2004:02:09:04 +0900] [Job 1] Unable to connect to IPP host: Operation timed out

and I never had this before.

What can I do to verify this connection to port 631 of the printer?

Are there any tools that can help me?

With netstat, I can see tcp activity for ipp, where there is a line
that has a "ESTABLISHED" state between my PC and the printer.

Has something been broken on my system? In the kernel, base system or ports?

Someone else experiencing the same problems?

Another thought is: could the printer be compromised by a virus/worm?
I am the only Unix user in my group, everything else is MS-Windows
flavors. Is my Unix connection protocol different, and possibly
corrupted by a virus on the printer?
The Windows people do not seem to have problem with this printer....

Any ideas?

Thanks so much!


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