moving /var & symlink to /usr/var isn't working, now broke mysql

carvin5string carvin5string at
Wed May 12 08:54:09 PDT 2004

I am trying to move /var to /usr/var and create a symlink but it isn't 
working right. Here's what I am doing -

mkdir /usr/var
cd /var
tar cf - . | ( cd /usr/var; tar xf - )
cd /
rm -rf /var
ln -s /usr/var /var

I am using FreeBSD-5.2. Everything works except the rm -rf /var, I get
message that it is not empty. I look in /var and see a subdirectory
called empty, which is empty. But I cannot delete it. If I try the ln
-s part it appears to work but when I do ls -la I don't see the link.
Now the /var is messed up and my database server isn't working
correctly, and the web site doesn't show the results of queries needed
on the web site.
Do the above commands work with this version of FreeBSD? If not, how do
I do this?
(Please reply to this email address, carvin5string at, because
for some reason my requests to subscribe to the list are not working)
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