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> Hii!!
> In the chapter "9.3 Building and installing a custom kernel" of the 
> freebsd handbook it's written that MYKERNEL is an example but I don't 
> know how I can find that.
> In fact I don't know what MYKERNEL represents.

OK.   MYKERNEL  represents an example of a name you could use for
your own copy of the kernel config file.    You may choose any name
you want as long as it doesn't conflict with something else.  It is
customary to make this file name in all upper case.

The easiest thing would be to copy the generic kernel config which
is in the file called GENERIC in the /usr/src/sys/i386/conf directory
to your own favorite name such as MYKERNEL and then make all your
changes to that file rather than making changes to GENERIC.  That way
you will preserve a reference.   Then you have to tell it to work on
the MYKERNEL file when it builds the kernel.

I still use the old way in but there have been some additional
automation and that should work too.

Here is the old way (which still works in Version
Lets say I call it JRMKERNEL

  cd /usr/src/sys/i386/conf
    edit as much as necessary and save and exit  
  /usr/sbin/config JRMKERNEL
  cd ../../compile/JRMKERNEL
  make depend
  make install / or copy the new file named kernel where you want it.
                 NOTE:  previous kernel files may have the schg flag set.
                        see 'man chflags'


> Thanks for your help.
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