Problem with FreeBSD 4.8, ipf, ipfnat and forwarding for pcAnywhere

Peter Risdon peter at
Mon May 10 10:18:50 PDT 2004

adp wrote:

>I am using telnet just to see if the port accepts connections. That test
>works fine internally. We are not running a telnet server. Also, we are
>telnetting to the pcAnywhere port, not the telnet port. :)

I've only historical experience with PCAnywhere, nowadays sticking with 
VNC for this sort of thing, but your post made me google out of 
interest. One thread alerted me to this interesting entry in 
/usr/local/share/nmap/nmap-services - I believe it might only be 
relevant to version 10.5 (and above?)

pcanywhere 65301/tcp

Several sources mention port 22 as well. Then again, some don't. This 
seems a moderately well informed example of one that does:

And at the foot of that page are links to several of Symantec's own 
techical help documents for this exact issue.

This might be useful:

There's some troubleshooting info there. It does seem to matter which 
version(s) of PCAnywhere you're using.


Versions of pcAnywhere prior to 7.5 use non-registered TCP/IP ports. All 
later versions, including v7.5 use the following registered TCP/IP ports:

    TCP – 5631
    UDP – 5632

You will run into problems when you are using a version of pcAnywhere 
with non-registered TCP/IP ports on one side of the connection and a 
version with registered ports on the other side of the connection.

Symantec provide a fix for this problem on their FTP server. Please see 
the Symantec Knowledge Base for further information <>


After that, FAQs from various companies show the reasonableness of your 
approach. For non-FreeBSD-specific configuration details that might give 
a clue, see:


I found two threads discussing a very similar problem with a Cisco 
router as a gateway, and along with the surprising information that one 
poster claims to have solved a similar issue by upgrading the drivers of 
the graphics card in the PCAnywhere host, one resolution is here:

and another here:



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