athlon-mp daily hang 5.2.1

Patrick Crosby patrick at
Wed May 5 13:01:47 PDT 2004

Joshua Lokken (joshua at wrote:

> [from
> [snip]


> # make -j4 buildworld


> Be aware that this is still somewhat experimental, and commits to the
> source tree may occasionally break this feature. If the world fails to
> compile using this parameter try again without it before you report any
> problems.

this isn't for a 'make -j4 buildworld', it's for compilation of the
software i'm developing...i got two cpu's to speed up a 45 minute
build process...

and, it hangs at other times as well, just most consistently during
compilation.  i'm trying to help find what is causing this so that
freebsd can improve.


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