Nested Xdmcp

Tom McLaughlin tmclaugh at
Tue May 4 14:35:08 PDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-05-04 at 05:38, Jason Dusek wrote:
> Hi Kids,
> I have an interesting problem. I would like to do a nested login to a 
> remote machine using xdmcp. My machine is running 4.9BSD and the latest 
> GNOME release.  The other machine is running 4.9BSD and KDE. So, here's 
> what I know:
> On my machine, both xdmcp and nested logins work. However, they don't 
> work together. When I initiate a nested session and then select 'xdmcp' 
> from 'actions' in the Gnome Display Manager, the nested window simply 
> dissappears. Why?
This sounds familiar to me here.  I don't have the nested X server
installed on this machine currently so I'm going off of memory.  A while
back running `gdmflexiserver -xnest' used to cause X to entirely crash
on me.  There was a fix committed but the end result of that fix I think
was what you are experiencing above.  You may want to check Gnome's
bugzilla to see if this has been entered.  If I have time later tonight,
I will probably see what happens to me since I would like to see this
fixed too.

To get around this for the time being you can use the Terminal Services
Client (tsclient) and put the IP address in there and connect.  This is
how I have gotten around problems with gdm.  You should be able to use
the Remote Desktop Client (gnome-remote-shell) which is what tsclient
was rolled into in 2.6 but that program has its own set of problems.

> When I try to do an unnested login to the remote machine, I can't find 
> it - apparently it has to be configured to serve the screen to 
> outsiders. So, what do I do about this?

The machine you are trying to connect to, is that running gdm or is it
running kdm?  Not sure about kdm's setup but with gdm, run gdmsetup on
that machine.  On the Security tab, make sure you are not disallowing
TCP connections.  I think the option is checked to disallow remot
connections by default.  On the XDMCP tab make sure Enable XDMCP is
checked.  It's unchecked by default.

> Thanks for your help guys.


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