I need help badly with freebsd

Streiner, Justin streiner at stargate.net
Tue Mar 30 08:59:36 PST 2004

On Mon, 29 Mar 2004, Steven Soria wrote:

> I really need help getting FreeBSD. I cant seem to figure out how to
> get FreeBSD. I really want and need this but I need to know how to get
> it. My platform is I386 and please email me witha solution.

There are several ways to get it, depending on what hardware you have.

If you have a machine equipped with a CD burner, you can download the ISO
images for the current FreeBSD i386 distribution, burn them onto CDs
(total of 4 for the most recent 5.2 release), and install from that. Make
sure your CD writer software recognizes that the files you downloaded are
ISO images and not regular data files.

If you don't have a CD burner, your best bet may be to either order the
CDs from freebsdmall.com, or make an appropriate boot/install set on
floppies, then complete the actual installation by downloading the
packages you need from the net.

Instructions for getting and installing FreeBSD are on the website at


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