sf.net: host not found

Zhang Weiwu weiwuzhang at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 30 00:29:05 PST 2004

Hello. It has been three days since I cannot access sourceforge.net, using 
many different Chinese dns server:

zhangweiwu at thinkpad:~>host sf.net
Host not found, try again.
zhangweiwu at thinkpad:~>host sourceforge.net
Host not found, try again.

It behave like the last year's Google being blocked in China. But I don't 
know sourceforge has anything to do with political stuff. 

Can anyone tell me sourceforge's ip address? Or better tell me a 
world-accessible dns server, that I can help myself with such things.

If it is truly blocked, then it is no use to have IP address. But I'll have 
a try.

Thank you.

Ãâ·ÑÏÂÔØ MSN Explorer:   http://explorer.msn.com/lccn/  

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