mounting the hard drive in PicoBSD

kennonward kennonward at
Fri Mar 26 10:11:11 PST 2004

To all:

I am still having a problem mounting a HD in PicoBSD.

The /etc/fstab line for the HD is:
/dev/wd0s1  /dos    msdos  rw 0 0

I get the following when I run mount:

mount /dev/wd0s1  /dos
mount: /dev/wd0s1 on /dos: incorrect super block
I have only a limited subset of the BSD system.  I tried runing dd I got sh: dd: not found.
fsck /dev/wd0s1
ioctl (GCINFO): Invalidargument
fsck: /dev/rw0s1: can't read disk label

Because I am running one disk PicoBSD I have only a few of the programs that would normally be on an Unix system.  I have limited resorces no fdisk or utilities such as df,mount,mount_msdos,mount_ext2fs, mount_cd9660.  All of these give similar responses.  I still have no HD access.

Thank you all for your help.
Kenn Ward
kennonward at

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