Remote Administration Problem

Peter Risdon peter at
Fri Mar 26 00:53:22 PST 2004

Hamed Abangar wrote:

>Dear members
>I'm new to this list and also  I'm new to FreeBSD environment .I'm network administrator in an isp.Recently i have changed our Internet servers from Linux to freebsd ( cache servers , dns servers , firewall , mail servers) . Every things works well , but i have a problem.I can't control my servers remotely.I have activated SSH and telnet but i can't login to my server with root account from my home or every other where.

Remote root logins are disabled by default. This is probably the best 
way to leave things. You can log in as a user then su to root, use sudo 
or whatever.

If you do want to modify this, edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config and alter the line:

#PermitRootLogin no

to read:

PermitRootLogin yes

then restart sshd


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