4.9 minimal install

Troy Settle troy at psknet.com
Fri Mar 26 00:38:55 PST 2004

Not sure what you expect from a MINIMAL installation CD, but the ports
collection is rather large, and doesn't quite fit the name.

I've never seen an official description for the MINI ISO images, but
typically, I find them most useful for installing new servers.  They're a
quick download and burn in order to do a minimal install (faster than
installing from floppy/internet).

Once installed, I grab the cvsup package (via FTP of course), which I use to
get the ports collection and bring the box up to -STABLE.

FWIW, once you've completed the minimal installation from the mini image,
you can change your media from CDROM to FTP, and continue on to add other
distributions (including the ports collection) and packages (like cvsup, so
you can get the ports collection).

  Troy Settle
  Pulaski Networks

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> from mini cd, just for educational purposes.
> this is known as the base distribution, right?
> only 123MB.  
> what does one do next?  /usr/ports isn't even there.
> there is no discussion in handbook.
> thanks.
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