Why does favicon.ico show as error in apache log

Jeff Hinrichs jlh at cox.net
Thu Mar 25 19:31:28 PST 2004

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Subject: Why does favicon.ico show as error in apache log

> I do not use this favicon.ico file in my web site, But an small
> number of the visitors for some reason try to get this file which is
> not there. This is reported as file error in the analog apache log
> reports. Can someone explain why some visitor browsers try to get
> this file, and what I can do to fix this?
There is no fix per se.  People using IE are viewing your page.  IE by
default, looks for a favicon.ico file in the root of the web.  If it finds
one, it displays it next to the URL in the address field.

If you don't like the error, then create a cool icon and place it in your
directory.  For more specifics, google is your friend.


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