can't play xmms in KDE

Chris racerx at
Wed Mar 24 22:13:13 PST 2004

On Thursday 25 March 2004 12:07 am, Tadimeti Keshav wrote:
> hi all,
> 1. I can't play XMMS in KDE (I can in GNOME).
> THe error I get is: "some other application is using
> the device /dev..."
> I believe the artsD deamon is using the sound card.
> What is the work around to this?
> DO I need to make deinstall and make reinstall of
> 2. do xmms plugins have to be deinstalled first before
> xmms? THanks in advance.
> Tk

cd /usr/ports/audio/xmms-kde && make && make install && make clean

Best regards,

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