Hardware problems or Software problems

Denis R. darom at filmkern.com
Wed Mar 24 10:28:12 PST 2004


I know that would be coincidental, but you know what your running CPU temp
is (check your BIOS)? OS freeze-ups sometimes occur due to inadequate
cooling of the CPU. Also maybe your computer is close to a heat source?
Are you using the same computer case?

What is your power supply rated at? Do you have a Radeon video card with
its own power connector?


I have a server which recently died on me. I believed that the problem
was likely the memory as the machine would reboot of its own accord
initially when accessing via samba or NFS. ...I installed a new ASUS P4800
motherboard with a celeron 2.20ghz chip and brandnew 512mb memory.

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