Can console emulate 3 button mouse

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Wed Mar 24 08:11:41 PST 2004

Hi All,

I had an old machine with a three button mouse (wheel) running an 
ancient FreeBSD - circa 3.4.   I could copy/paste with it in
CLI at the console.

Now I have a fast new machine with FreeBSD 4.9, but the mouse
is two button.   In X it does the emulate 3 button when both
buttons are pressed just fine.   But, that doesn't seem to work
on the console.  It highlights text just fine, but I haven't
discovered a combination that will get it to write that back out.
Actually I have two machines, different models, same vendor (Dell)
with two button mouses that won't paste.

I do have moused enabled in rc.conf and have done a vidcontrol -m on
but, although everything else seems to work, the "paste" does 

I have done some searching and tried various things that might
be remotely related, but nothing has helped.

Is there some something I can do (without spending $$$) or am I
just out of luck on this?   

Thanks for any helpful suggestions,


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