4.9 mount_smbfs

feczo at geek.hu feczo at geek.hu
Wed Mar 24 05:42:20 PST 2004

I have a samba share mounted with mount_smbfs.
Afterwards if I open a file on this share from
another client, I got permission denied on my
own until I close this file on the other client.
I have checked the smbstatus on the server and
got result with deny_none and no oplocks ...
Also meanwhile this file is open it can be read 
by other clients(fbsd5.0,linux,win). I was told
to sniff the traffic, here is what I've got:

SMBError - ERRDOS - ERRbadshare The sharing mode specified
for an Open conflicts with existing FIDs on the file.

Both the server and client are 4.9 with same 
samba version ... 

Any advice appreciated
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