disconnecting keyboard: big trouble !?!

Robert Huff roberthuff at rcn.com
Mon Mar 22 21:33:24 PST 2004


>  For some reason, I needed to borrow the keyboard from my FreeBSD
>  PC (running 4.9 STABLE). So I disconnected the keyboard.
>  When I reconnected it some time later, the system refused to use
>  the keyboard. Key hits were totally ignored.

	Is the keyboard USB or PS/2?
	It is my understanding PS/2 keyboards (or mice, or anything)
are not required to be hot-pluggable.  Some them, by the grace of
the motherboard maker, are ... but hot-plugging PS/2 has been known
to fry the (otherwise reputable) motherboard.
	If it's USB, then check /etc/usbd.conf.

			Robert Huff

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