Mounting a temporary filesystem

Jason Williams jwilliams at
Mon Mar 22 15:34:02 PST 2004

Hello everyone.

I'm trying to mount a certain part of my filesystem as a temporary file 
system to improve performance. I'm running a Mail gateway server, with 
FreeBSD 4.9, Sendmail 8.12.11, MailScanner, ClamAV and spamassassin.

I have a incoming mail queue directory that I wanted to mount as a temp 
file system to improve performance. The specific directory is 

I flipped through the man pages and came up with this command:

mount -t mfs -o -s1048576 /dev/da0s1b /var/spool/

But when I initiate the command,  I see this:

mailmg# mount -t mfs -o -s1048576 /dev/da0s1b /var/spool/
Warning: Block size and bytes per inode restrict cylinders per group to 89.

Did I count wrong or something? I cant seem to figure that one out. I tried 
changing the size of the temp fs, but still receive the same error.

Anyone have any ideas?

I appreciate it.


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