FreeBSD 4.9 freezes

Mark admin at
Mon Mar 22 14:11:19 PST 2004

Jesse A. Coddington wrote:

> After doing a little more research, I found out that it is the
> GDT8546RZ SATA raid card causing the freezing within FreeBSD.
> I took out the raid card and used the onboard SATA controller and
> installed FreeBSD 4.9 on one hard drive.  It has been running
> smoothly since I removed the card.

Sorry if I am hijacking your thread. But I was told (here) that 4.9 only has
very limited support for SATA. What onboard SATA controller are you using
that actually works? Perhaps some of the gurus here would be willing to
share what SATA controllers are supported by 4.9R (-STABLE?).

- Mark

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