I messed up my system, please help. library missing

Shaun T. Erickson ste at smxy.org
Sat Mar 20 14:09:00 PST 2004

Jorn Argelo wrote:

> I guess the best thing to do is to deinstall Apache as well, and
> recompile it from the ports tree. (make sure to sync your ports-tree
> first) Make sure you backup your website content, since I don't know if
> the make deinstall will delete your content as well. Then recompile PHP
> as well.
>>correct way to do that this: "make -DWITH_OPENSSL" ?).
> I believe it was yes, though correct me if I am wrong.

What got me going again, was making a symbolic link from libexpat.so.5 
to libexpat.so.4. That got my webserver running, and allowed me to 
rebuild mod_php4 (and yes, that *was* the right way to get ssl support 
into it).

I probably should make the time to upgrade anything that relies on expat 
and remove that link though.


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