I messed up my system, please help. library missing

Shaun T. Erickson ste at smxy.org
Sat Mar 20 10:46:16 PST 2004

I went to rebuild the mod_php4 port with openssl support (btw, is the 
correct way to do that this: "make -DWITH_OPENSSL" ?).

During the build, it wanted to upgrade expat, but said there was an 
older version installed and that if I wanted it upgraded that I should 
to a 'make deinstall' and a 'make reinstall' to do so, then come back to 
the mod_php4 build. So I did that. Now my system is missing an 
apparently important library 'libexpat.so.4' and things are broken that 
need it - notably, my web server is down.

How do I get the old version reinstalled, and have the new version as 
well, for things that need it?


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