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Louis LeBlanc freebsd at
Fri Mar 19 09:46:20 PST 2004

On 03/19/04 09:21 AM, Joshua Lokken sat at the `puter and typed:
> Wow, almost every single reply to the list today was top posted.
> People, please know (and you must, you have to read them, too)
> that posting replies to the top of an email is, well, counter-
> intuitive, hard to follow, and goes against the general grain of
> RFC 1855.  Please, it has been requested from many users of this
> list, do not top post replies, but don't stop sending them ;)

Yes, it has been requested from many users, and quite a few have flat
out refused to follow this logical norm.  Others simply follow the
precedent set in any given thread, and some few will go so far as to
delete the trailing messages and try to herd an already errant thread
in the right direction.  For my part, my reply behavior depends on the
audience.  One would think that a company with so many geeks (from
developers to SW architects) would tend to do this right, but not so.

Bottom line, don't hold your breath.  Unfortunately, many mail clients
don't show the replied email during reply composition but place it
below the response, and most default to replying at the top anyway.
Most users just don't bother to correct it when the option is there.

I feel your pain dude.

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