Mozilla + realplay plugin: how to get this work?

Palle Girgensohn girgen at
Thu Mar 18 17:10:07 PST 2004

The realplayer plugin only works with a linux mozilla binary.

I suggest you use www/plugger, works with native fbsd mozilla. It starts 
realplayer as an application by default, not as a plugin, and honestly, 
this is what you want. Plugins suck for video or audio, it is a bad idea 
IMHO. If you want plugin, you can configure it for that, I believe.

Plugger works by using external programs and open them either in an X 
window inside mozilla,  or just starting them through a forked /bin/sh.

It supports over 50 different mime types, starting different progs. Hence, 
the dependcy list in the port is fairly long, perhaps you can some off if 
you don't want it all...


--On fredag 19 mars 2004 09.37 +0900 Rob <nospam at> 

> Hi,
> I have installed on STABLE PC:
> mozilla-1.6_3,2
> linux-flashplugin-6.0r79_1
> linuxpluginwrapper-20040310_1
> mplayerplug-in-2.45
> linux-realplayer-8.cs2_4
> I have following in /usr/X11R6/lib/browser_plugins :
> -> /usr/local/lib/RealPlayer8/
> -> /usr/local/lib/RealPlayer8/
> To no avail; realplay plugin does not work with
> mozilla. Any more hints?
> Thanks,
> Rob.
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