Spam? FreeBSD Install Guide Official Launch News release (fwd)

Joshua Lokken joshua at
Thu Mar 18 11:36:09 PST 2004

* Rus Foster <rghf at> [2004-03-18 11:02]:
> Anyone else recieve this Spam?
> Abuse reports filed..
> -- 
> e: support at
> t: 1-888-327-6330
> - Root on your own box
> - Your next hosting company
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 13:50:42 -0500
> From: Sales <sales at>
> To: rghf at
> Subject: FreeBSD Install Guide Official Launch News release
> Dear FreeBSD friend
> During the pass 3 years I have answered your questions on the
> FreeBSD questions mailing list. A pattern emerged with common questions
> about post install configuration, Firewalling, and private LAN setup.
> To address this reoccurring need,
> I am proud to officially announce the launch of the
> <snip>

This lame-o (a1poweruser), I don't remember his 'name'...
has spammed the list before, and likely will again.  Certainly
his domain should be listed on an rbl somewhere...  Is it
possible for a list maintainer to give this guy an ulitmatum,
ie. 'stop spamming the list, or lose it...'  not that that 
would make him stop, but would give you reason to get rid of
him if he does not comply.


We fight only when there is no other choice.  We prefer the ways of
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