Peter Risdon peter at
Wed Mar 17 06:32:16 PST 2004

Your Friend In Business wrote:

>from the apache docs "To permit SSI on your server, you must have mod_include installed and enabled"
>i can't find this module of course my problem is i can't get ssi's working on my freebsd system please help
It's included in the standard apache port, so you probably do have 
mod_include already. You don't say whether you're using apache 1.3 or 2, 
but read /usr/local/etc/apache[2]/httpd.conf and scan down for the 
loadable modules section. You should see lines like:

LoadModule includes_module    libexec/apache/
AddModule mod_include.c

However, you do need to configure the host to permit ssi's. This means 
adding lines like:

Options +Includes
AddType text/html .shtml
AddHandler server-parsed .shtml

and of course calling the files index.shtml etc.

If you said which version of apache you're using, and copied your 
httpd.conf to this list, it would be easier to spot the problem.


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