Why does `df` lie about free space

Jan Grant Jan.Grant at bristol.ac.uk
Wed Mar 17 04:22:06 PST 2004

On Wed, 17 Mar 2004, Kyryll A Mirnenko wrote:

>   Thanks, thats what I want. So that means nobody but root can write
> to that preserved (with `tunefs -m`) space? How can I allow more users
> to do that?

Using "tunefs -m". You need to be really careful doing this, and read
the man page for tunefs again, particularly the warning about how
lowering this number can trash your filesystem's performance.

>   (my mail server crashed on friday, so I didn't receive freebsd
> digest about this)


PS. You keep on appearing to confuse the notion of free data blocks with
free inodes. They're not the same thing: they are two distinct resources
and your filesystem can run out of either pretty much independently.

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