Server automatically Shuts down.

samy lancher washville2003 at
Mon Mar 15 21:35:22 PST 2004

The system just crashes. After nightly event, when i start the system I see a message "Warning: / was not mounted properly" . It does not happen at the same time every night. This box does not have anonymous FTP. 

JJB <Barbish3 at> wrote:
You need to provide additional information,
your post is way to general.

You use the word, Shutdown, which implies an orderly close of all
files systems, This would be very apparent in the logs.

Is the system really crashing and not shutting down?
Does it happen at the same time every night?
Do you have any custom cron jobs which execute daily at night?
Is the file system corrupt when you reboot system after the
nightly event?
Login as root and do not logout, see what is on root
console screen in morning after the event.
Does this box have anonymous FTP?

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Hello All,
I have a strange problem with my FreeBSD 4.5 server. The server
daily turns off automatically every night. I checked my power
sockets and power cables and everything is good. i wonder why the
server is shutting down daily at night times. I could not get much
useful information through log files. I am having this problem from
past 2 weeks and I did not make any changes to the server when it
was working fine. Any suggestion would be appreciated.


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