Rename a user

Nguyen Huu Hoa huuhoa at
Mon Mar 15 19:03:46 PST 2004

Thanks to all,
I have managed to do it :)
In my system, don't know why the root user disappear only toor exists, so I
must rename toor to root :)

Hoa, Nguyen

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> Hi List,
> How can I rename a user from my BSD 5.2 system. I have a user called
> then I want to rename it to "nguyen", so what should I do?

Just make yourself root (su)
then do  'vipw'  and edit the Userid name in the hao record.

When you get out of vipw (:wq, just like in vi) it also updated
the database properly.

Of course, if there are scripts somewhere that have the hao name
hardcoded in to them, those will have to be fixed by hand.


> Thanks
> Hoa, Nguyen

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