OT: hardware: backup tape reliability

Chuck Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Fri Mar 12 11:48:26 PST 2004

Robert Huff wrote:
> 	Specifically: they live in an area with extremely high
> temperature+humidity (90-95 F/32-35 C; 90+% hum.) and climate
> conditioning is not an option.  They need to backup critical data
> files (code base is not an issue) and have tried floppies, ZIP
> drives, and CDs ... all of which have proven to have a very short
> life span.

Tapes on the shelf will withstand those conditions (use a closed, sealable 
cabinet and toss a bag of silica gel decissicant in there every once in a 
while if need be [they recycle if you heat them up to 300F/150C]), but 
humidity that high is going to be nasty for equipment life in general and is 
going to be borderline for the tape drive while in operation itself.

> 	I'd like to hear from people who have Been There and Solved
> That.  I'll also take pointers articles that talk about tested
> solutions.

That's not me.  I've dealt with more than one server room buildout, and I'm 
familiar with backup media interacting with environmental conditions, but 
climate control of the server room has always been a requirement (in the 
positive sense).  The temperature you're describing isn't really a problem if 
you've got adequate air circulation through the racks, but the humidity is 
something else.


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