Enabling GSSAPI support in Cyrus-SASL

Robert Fitzpatrick robert at webtent.com
Thu Mar 11 11:33:15 PST 2004

I have not dealt with ports other than installing them with defaults in
the past. I think I understand the handbook in changing options in the
Makefile to have the port support what you need. I need GSSAPI support
in Cyrus-SASL and the 2.1.15 version of the port installed does not seem
to have it. Please correct me if adding to the Makefile this support
option to enable GSSAPI is not the way to do that.

My actual question is where to point the option to get GSSAPI libraries,
I am using the default Heimdal-0.6 port install, so it looks to be in
'/usr/src/crypto/heimdal/lib/gssapi', is that correct? So, I would add
this to my Makefile for Cyrus-SASL?


Another question, since SASL is already there, do I deinstall or can I
build over the existing?


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