David Pratt fairwinds at eastlink.ca
Thu Mar 11 08:07:42 PST 2004

Hi. I have just set up a small LAN.  I am using an old pentium computer 
as a firewall using IPCop ( as a gateway to the web.  It 
uses a dynamic IP from my ISP so all the machines have web access.  I 
have 3 other machines behind the firewall.  I have set up a FreeBSD 4.9 
server ( that I want to use to develop and test my PHP and 
Python applications.  The other machines (a Mac and Windows machine) 
obtain their IP between 192.168.200 - 192.168.250.  I have a domain 
name registered that is currently pointing to a host that I am using 
for my live site.

So question is how to use my domain name behind my firewall in my LAN 
with my server for  development. I don't know how to do this. I want to 
be able to get my server on my browser something like this: 
server01.mydomain.com. ( mydomain substituted for my actual domain)

I have read the DNS chapter in the FreeBSD book but I am just as 
confused as ever in what I need to do to achieve this.  I have named my 
server the following:  server01  and in my original configuration when 
I installed FreeBSD provided a fully qualified name of 
server01.mydomain.com  (mydomain substituted for my actual domain).

my hostname file currently looks like this:

::1                     localhost               localhost             server01  server01.mydomain.com

when I type hostname at command line I get server01.mydomain.com

I have this line in my rc.conf  file from the original installation:


Any help greatly appreciated.


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