A laptop worth saving?

Mike Jackson mj at sci.fi
Wed Mar 10 23:27:30 PST 2004

jalley at toomanymirrors.homelinux.com wrote:
> Greetings all, I'm a long time unix/linux user but have been away from
> FreeBSD for about a year or so and would like to solve that personal
> fault.  I have a laptop (IBM ThinkPad T20) that once ran FreeBSD but
> currently sits with out floppy, OS, and at last test <TA-DA> no CDROM. 
> So my question is what are my options if I wanted to get FreeBSD running
> on it?  I have another Linux box on the LAN but that's about it.  Thanks
> for any help

You can install FreeBSD over the serial port with a null-modem cable.



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