fxp0: device timeout with 5.2.1-Release-p1

Mipam mipam at ibb.net
Tue Mar 9 08:26:10 PST 2004


I was trying to install a ProLiant BL10e G2 (blade server) over the
network. With all machines it's working fine.
But the blade isnt going fine.
I choose to use NFS to fetch the files.
But in ctrl-alt-F2 i see: fxp0: device timeout
This message is repeated and so the nfs mounting doesnt work.
Anybody else run into this problem?
I even disbled the second nic and usb support and placed the card on irq
10, but with the same result.
I'm afraid this is a driver problem, that is .... i guess maybe hp has
specific instructions on their version of the intel card??
I've they're offering special drivers for redhat 8.0 for the nics .... :-(
But even if i would use linux, i wouldnt use these drivers anyway.
Any remedy for this timeout issues?


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