Handling mail on a dialup connection

Peter Risdon peter at circlesquared.com
Mon Mar 8 09:58:39 PST 2004

Robert Golovniov wrote:

>  I  would  like to create an hourly cron to have the machine bring up
>  the dialup connection, check for the new mail (with fetchmail), send
>  any  outgoing  messages (with postfix) and then bring the connection
>  down.
>  To  make  things  more  complicated, I would like to use this dialup
>  session  to  automatically  update  my  virus  databases for clamav,
>  f-prot, and Panda AV.
>  I  think  I  could  figure out how to set each of these processes in
>  cron,  but  I am not sure how to tell the script that it should wait
>  for  one  process  to  finish before it starts performing the second
>  task. What is the best place to look for more information on that?
I'd write a shell script that did everything, then invoke that script 
with cron.


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