ITunes app or player

BSD baby bsdlap at
Sun Mar 7 20:42:06 PST 2004

> > LUCKILY : as with ALL of the download services (most of which use Windows
> > Media format), you can just click the "{BURN TO CD}" button, and burn an
> > audio CD,  then pop it in your FreeBSD machine and rip it to FLAC or MP3 or
> > OGG or whatever you want.
> As true as the above may be, and as lazy as I can be - I was hoping for a more 
> logical (for lack of a better term) way of playing them. Perhaps I was 
> looking for a app that might play them in their native format.

Yeah.  Shit outta luck, though.

My company is one of the main ones actually delivering and encoding all the 
audio to Apple iTunes.   We use all FreeBSD machines for storage, but have
to use actual Apple iTunes software for encoding and listening.

There's no other way.  I've tried.

Hey if you don't know the FLAC audio format, you should.  Especially for
"trans-coding" other audio formats (like iTunes from CD-Rom) onto your FreeBSD

cd /usr/ports/audio/flac ; make install

It's a *lossless* copy of the audio.  No compressions.  Huge files but sounds great.

You can use a program like this...
cd /usr/ports/audio/abcde ; make install

... to rip your audio CDs into FLAC format.

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