ssh disconnecting [WAS: Getting Cut-Off]

Wayne Sierke ws+freebsd-questions at
Sat Mar 6 10:26:56 PST 2004

On Sun, 2004-03-07 at 02:14, Malcolm Kay wrote:
> We have installed 15 EPIA systems and in a few months have had 3 mother 
> boards replaced for problems with the on board vr interface.
> A bit of a search reveals a large number of reported problems from most
> version of BSD, Linux and even the odd MS user. Some have added a PCI NIC.
> Others swear they have no problems and that their systems are solid.
> There seems to be some hint that interference from the power supply gets into
> and upsets the interface a few months down the track when the ESR of the
> power supply capacitors increases.

Ouch. Doesn't sound promising.

What's making it harder to diagnose is that there aren't any messages
left anywhere but the client. According to sshd_config(5) the default
LogLevel is INFO which should be enough to show up connection timeouts?
Mind you, it's interesting that there isn't anything logged at all for
the dropped connections, would've hoped that that might have rated an
INFO level message of iteslf? (I do see messages from sshd in
/var/log/messages - all failed logins).

There aren't any messages relating to the network interface either, that
I can see. Chuck suggested in another message to check the interface for
errors. I can't see anything that looks untoward, maybe someone with a
better understanding could cast their trained eye over my netstat
output? (See ovirt at dyndns.uus/sysinfo/netstat.php?opts=[is] - replace
the 'at' with a period and the double-u with a dubyah, use either i or s
as the argument, defaults to 'i').

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