Getting Cut-Off

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Sat Mar 6 05:37:30 PST 2004

Rishi Chopra wrote:
> I connect to the FreeBSD machine via SSH, and use secure file transfer 
> to upload/download from the machine.
> In the last week, the FreeBSD machine has dropped my connection on 3 
> seperate occasions.  I'll queue up some work and leave the machine 
> unattended, only to return at a later time and find that the connection 
> has been closed.

Is sshd configured with the "KeepAlive" option set?

Does netstat -i or -s report any errors?  Maybe you have a flaky cable?

Do you have any packet-filtering or NAT translation involved on one of the two 
hosts?  [ Your description of the setup suggests no, but the behavior you 
describe can happen if one were using a (busy and/or dumb) stateful firewall... ]


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