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Karol Kwiatkowski carlos66news at
Thu Mar 4 15:30:56 PST 2004

Gerard Seibert wrote:
> I am using FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE (GENERIC) #0: MON FEB 23 29:45:55 GMT
> 2004
> I just recently posted about a problem I was having logging into my
> computer. I eventually was able to log in. I deleted the existing user and
> subsequently recreated the user. I also had to delete the group as well to
> complete the operation.
> However, although I can access my system, the following error message
> appears when I do an su command.
> This is the error message:
> Mar 4 15:52:42 BudMan su: _secure_path: /usr/home/ges/.login_conf is not
> owed by root
> The following error message likes to pop up at various times also:
> Mar 4 15:55:01 BudMan cron[541]: _secure_path: /usr/home/ges/.login_conf
> is not owned by root
> The time and date obviously change upon each new occurrence of the
> message, as well as the number following 'cron'.
> I have read the man on "_secure_path" but I have no idea what I am
> supposed to do to correct this problem. Even more mysterious is that this problem
> and several others only surfaced after installing KDE 3.2.
> I welcome any assistance someone can afford me,
> Thanks!
> Gerard Seibert
> gerard-seibert at
> ICQ: 95653152
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Recently I had similar problem, not with root though. I reinstalled 
FreeBSD (without removing /home) and then added users. Obviously uids 
changed and I was getting those messages:

/home/user/.login_conf is not owned by uid 1002 (for example)

All I needed to do was 'chmod -R user:user /home/user/*' (recursive)
Note: check man chmod, I'm not sure if that's good syntax

Check the owner of that file. I'm not sure why do you get 'is not owned 
by *root*' but maybe it's similar problem.

Hope that helps

Karol Kwiatkowski

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