kernel compile Q - How to get the speaker to work?

HOLLOW, CHRISTOPHER christopher.hollow at
Thu Mar 4 00:59:31 PST 2004

> thanks for the answer, but when I had Windows
> installed, the speaker did work, I mean I was able to
> hear music, in addition to the beeps.

I've never heard of the case speaker making anything but beeps.  Either 
yours is quite unique or you guys are talking about different speakers. 
      I think you'll need to add support for the sound card that the 
speaker is connected to.  Have a look at the case speaker.  I can't see 
it being connected to a sound card but verify that.  If it (or another 
case speaker) is in fact connected to sound card, add that device to the 

Don't know what card you have (and am haven't really followed the 
thread) but have you tried soundblaster support?

device pcm

It's pretty common.  Worked on almost every FreeBSD desktop machine I've 
ever had.  Hope this helps.

Christopher Hollow

> thx
>  --- Johnson David <DavidJohnson at> wrote: >
> On Tuesday 02 March 2004 04:28 pm, Tadimeti Keshav
>>>I added to my kernel config file:
>>>device pca
>>>(this was mentioned in the NOTES file)
>>Typically a PC speaker is not an audio device in the
>>normal sense of the 
>>term. It's there just to make beeps, and not music.
>>It's not going to 
>>do what you probably want it to do.
>>>secondly, what is the use of adding:
>>>device udbp
>>>This is a USB double pipe. But what does it do.
>>I'm sort of partial to the traditional Linux kernel
>>comment of "if you don't know what this is then you
>>don't need it." 
>>Since there are no devices listed in the Hardware
>>notes using this 
>>driver, and it's commented out be default in the
>>GENERIC kernel, I'm 
>>fairly confident that you don't need it.

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