priority-- curious about cpu resouce share

Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu at
Wed Mar 3 06:57:58 PST 2004

Sergey 'DoubleF' Zaharchenko wrote:

>>* sshd almost starves; it takes 0.00% (normally 2%) and only transfer 
>>several bytes once several minutes; the otherside scp prompts "stalled".
>sshd doesn't starve CPU, I guess; as you reach it through ppp, and ppp
>gets slow, sshd does, too.
Sounds reasonable:)

Things can hardly be perfect. Now I begin to use mpg123, I used your 
method of "rtprio up and su back", very useful to me.

But if mpg123 has higher priority than ppp, sometimes mpg123 decides to 
move to another song, it reloads buffer, starveing ppp and timeouting 
bluetooth device... If mpg123 has equal/lower priority with ppp, they 
struggle for CPU, and that *sounds* bad. Now I adjusted buffer, it works 
so so.

I read the handbook it says "no way to limit CPU percentage". It's my 
toy, a old P166M box, I let other people in the office ssh to the box 
with cmp3 console DJ (backended mpg123) to play music, because it has 
good speakers. I use ppp over bluetooth to connect to the box when I'm 
enjoying sun shine outdoor.

The best way seems to buy a new one:)

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