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On Tue, Mar 02, 2004 at 08:11:36PM -0500, Justin Brody wrote:
> A couple pieces of information that might be relevant:
> About a month ago, I was running the same FBSD version with the
> same from behind a different router connected to a different
> cable modem and calling my box "".  This seemed to work
> o.k.

After sleeping on it, I'm starting to think that the problem is not
actually within the SMTP setup, but is rather something to do with
firewalling or similar measures.  Does your ISP permit you to run SMTP
servers? Many have been bitten very badly by clueless windows users,
and so deny use of SMTP to all.  Sometime this proscription also
extends to enforcement by transparent proxying or other measures to
control SMTP traffic from their clients.  You should check with them
as to what their policy is.

Can you telnet to port 25 on the UMD server or the ISP's server you're
trying to connect to?  If you can't get a connection established, I'd
suspect the problem is firewalling somewhere between you and them.



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