Small problem upgrading older machine

stan stanb at
Mon Mar 1 06:50:18 PST 2004

I'm upgrading a bunch of older machines *some as far back as 4.2). 

First let me say a bing THANKS YOU for all the hard work the release
engineering team does to make this work as well as it does.

Now, let me point out a small problem. When I got to the "make
installworld" step, I was politely informed that I needed a snsmp user.
Looking at UPDATING, I saw that I could install the newer mergemaster by
hand, and use it to add this user. I did that. Unfortunately the
installworld, then errored when it got to installing mergemaster, as there
was then on file in the directory, and no rule to build it. I
copied the file back from the final location, back to in the
source tree, and I'm re-running make installworld, which should go OK now. 

Would it be possible to fix the Makefile to prevent this problem?

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