Soundcard woes (help!)

Simon Barner barner at
Wed Jun 30 07:44:59 PDT 2004

ORACLE . wrote:
> hey 
> i am usinf freebsd 5.0 and i added the line pcm to my
> kernel and sound card is working but same problem only
> one speaker(i have two speakers) is working and the
> there is too much noise when i play any mp3 can you
> tell me how can i fix that and i dont know about BIOS
> that much ..............

Is your cabeling ok? Does it work on Linux or Windows.

You should also consider upgrading to 5.2.1, since a lot of stuff was
fixed (also sound stuff, IIRC).

Please keep the questions mailing list Cc'ed so other people can help
you, too. I'm quite short on time right now.

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