FW: help please? corrupted hard disc - invalid super block.

Rob robert at irrelevant.com
Mon Jun 28 23:59:25 PDT 2004

hi, thanks for the help!

Mounting /dev/ad5e worked (at least in read-only, it wants a fsck) so 
rather than try a repair, and risk blowing it up, (and I'm on 4.8, which 
still has disklabel nor bsdlabel) I'll copy everything off and 
re-initialise the disc in due course.



At 15:53 28/06/2004, Ruben Bloemgarten wrote:

>It looks like you wrote the disklabel for the slice to the disk or
>If you check /dev there probably isn't a /dev/ad5s* there. Try mounting
>/dev/ad5e instead of /dev/ad5s1e. To verify, do a bsdlabel ad5s1 to see if
>you have a disklabel for the slice. Otherwise you could :
>1.backup you disklabel
>   #bsdlabel /dev/ad5e > <PATH>disklabel.BAK
>2. write a correct disklabel for /dev/ad5s1
>   #bsdlabel -w -B ad5s1
>3. Edit your disklabel to be correct :
>    a. note the size values of #bsdlabel ad5s1
>    b. make another backup of your saved disklabel
>    c. edit one of the backups and change the size value
>       to the value you got from #bsdlabel ad5s1
>    d. write your edited disklabel to ad5s1
>       #bsdlabel -R ad5s1 <PATH>disklabel.BAK
>       This *should* return no errors.
>4. try to mount ad5s1
>Now this is all based on them hope that you don't have to erase the
>bad/sliceless disklabel on da5.
>Good luck,
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>Subject: help please? corrupted hard disc - invalid super block.
>I have a hard disc that I think must have been set up wrong initially...
>It was however working fine, but at some point filled up to capacity,
>wherapon the next reboot it failed to mount.
>System is 4.8-RELEASE, Generic Kernel.
>Currently the disc shows:
>luggage# mount -r /dev/ad5s1e /mnt
>mount: /dev/ad5s1e on /mnt: incorrect super block
>luggage# disklabel -r ad5
># /dev/ad5c:
>type: ESDI
>disk: ad5s1
>bytes/sector: 512
>sectors/track: 63
>tracks/cylinder: 255
>sectors/cylinder: 16065
>cylinders: 14593
>sectors/unit: 234441585
>rpm: 3600
>interleave: 1
>trackskew: 0
>cylinderskew: 0
>headswitch: 0           # milliseconds
>track-to-track seek: 0  # milliseconds
>drivedata: 0
>8 partitions:
>#        size   offset    fstype   [fsize bsize bps/cpg]
>    c: 234436482        0    unused        0     0        # (Cyl.    0 -
>    e: 234436482        0    4.2BSD    16384 16384   300  # (Cyl.    0 -
>Warning, partition c doesn't cover the whole unit!
>Warning, An incorrect partition c may cause problems for standard system
>luggage# fsck /dev/ad5s1e
>Can't open /dev/ad5s1e: Invalid argument
>luggage# fsck -b 32 /dev/ad5s1e
>Alternate super block location: 32
>Can't open /dev/ad5s1e: Invalid argument
>luggage# file -s /dev/ad5s1e
>/dev/ad5s1e: can't read `/dev/ad5s1e' (Invalid argument).
>At this point I am stuck ... most of the "Invalid Super Block" messages I
>can find when searching relate to cd-roms.
>If I could mount the disc even read-only, I could copy the data off.
>Can anybody give me any clues on where to go from here?
>Thanks in advance,
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