OT: Cable management

Kevin Stevens freebsd at pursued-with.net
Sat Jun 26 13:41:21 PDT 2004

On Jun 26, 2004, at 13:25, Jorn Argelo wrote:
> Thanks for your advice Dimitar, but I don't have the money, nor am I 
> in need a patch panel or a switch of that budget. I am merely a 
> student who can't afford such equipment. Besides, we just got four PCs 
> in the house here, so I don't really need an entire patch panel for 
> just four PCs ;)
> Main point is, I want to get rid of VGA cables, power cables, PS2 
> cables, USB cables etcetera. So I have more use of a big cable gutter 
> then a patch panel.

IKEA has some nice cable management stuff for cheap: split conduit, 
cable bags, small cable reels.  All of it cheap, generally well thought 


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