something through nat - something not

Tomica Crnek crni at
Wed Jun 23 13:28:10 PDT 2004

Hi everyone, I would appreciate if anyone can help with this:

here is the configuration:
box is connected to one (outside) network with 2 interfaces
box is connected to one (inside) network with one interface
some nodes on outside network do have static routes to inside network, but not whole outside net
these nodes that do have routes to inside net pointing to this box use gif/ipsec tunnels to route packets to inside net (some kind of vpn)
only subnets behind these few nodes could be routed directly to inside net

what I want to do is to configure it to route packets to these "chosen" subnets directly - no nat, but I want to be able to see entire outside network from inside net also. So these packets should be passed to natd. I don't know which outside interface will be chosen because both outside interfaces are in dynamic routing backbone.

any suggestion?


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