perl-tk no longer working

Heinrich Rebehn rebehn at
Wed Jun 23 01:11:23 PDT 2004

Heinrich Rebehn wrote:
> Bill Campbell wrote:
>> On Mon, Jun 21, 2004, Heinrich Rebehn wrote:
>>> Hi list,
>>> I rolled my own perl-tk script for adding/removing users on our 
>>> cluster and it has been running fine for some years now.
>>> But when i wanted to use it today, it died with:
>> My SWAG is that you've updated perl recently, but not updated the 
>> perl::Tk
>> modules.  Running two versions of perl on the same machine is possible 
>> (we
>> do it under the packagement system all the time), but can
>> easily lead to problems like this.
>>> root at antsrv1 [~] # usrmgr/
>>> [the usual messages about unused variables]
>>> X Error of failed request:  BadAtom (invalid Atom parameter)
>>> Major opcode of failed request:  18 (X_ChangeProperty)
>>> Atom id in failed request:  0x1a6
>>> Serial number of failed request:  12
>>> Current serial number in output stream:  15
>>> I have no clue what this could be. Other X11 apps run fine. I am 
>>> logged in via ssh -X.
>>> Versions:
>>> FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE-p8
>>> p5-Tk-804.027
>>> perl-5.6.1_15       Practical Extraction and Report Language
>>> perl-5.8.4          Practical Extraction and Report Language
>>> 2 versions of perl? Is this ok?
>>> Does anyone have an idea?
>>> Regards,
>>>     Heinrich
> Problem solved: It was not the perl upgrade, it is the X server which is 
> to blame. I recently upgraded the Linux installation on my workstation 
> and there seems to be a problem with xfree there. I did not get 
> suspicious until i tried running the script under Linux and got exactly 
> the same error message. Moving to another workstation with a different 
> version of xfree solved the problem.
Just for the records: There seems to be a problem with SSH's X11 
redirection. If i use the (not recommended)

linuxhost $ xhost +freebsdhost
ssh root at freebsdhost
freebsdhost # export DISPLAY=linuxhost:0
freebsdhost # usrmgr/

to have my perlTk script displaying on my Linux workstation, it works. 
If i login with

linuxhost $ ssh -X root at freebsdhost
freebsdhost # usrmgr/

i get the above error.
This is of course a problem with Linux's ssh client - i am posting this 
only in case someone else encounters this problem.


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