mknod /dev/psm0 c 21 1 root:wheel (fails..)

Bill Schoolcraft bill at
Tue Jun 22 21:20:19 PDT 2004

Subject: mknod /dev/psm0 c 21 1 root:wheel (fails..)


I've been trying to figure out "what" creates /dev/psm0 on FreeBSD-5.2.1
for I'm stuck with a new Dell-Inspiron-5150 where FreeBSD cannot see the
standard mouse.  As I stated in my last email, Linux and Windows-XP has
not displayed this problem.

Sooo, I took a look on my other FreeBSD-5.2.1 laptop, a Fujitsu and saw
that the files that are missing are on this laptop so I read the manpage
for "mknod" and ran the following commands in hope of creating /dev/psm0

I used the same major:minor numbers from my laptop and got the following

#> mknod /dev/psm0 c 21 1 root:wheel

And here was the error I got.

#> mknod: /dev/psm0:  No such file or directory

Well depite messing with this for quite some time I still had enought
humor left to say outloud......

        NO KIDDING..

Soooo, I'm now wondering what does create /dev/psm0 and what does it take
from the keyboard to create devices such as /dev/psm0 and /dev/mouse etc.
The mouse is NOT detected via sysinstall and I noticed in the "mouse"
setup options there was also an option that mentioned a non-existant
device file, that was /dev/mse0

Thanks for any help on this. :)

Bill Schoolcraft
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